Sunday, April 18, 2010

Flyin' Above

It's amazing when things turn around, people start to have problems with you.

It's amazing when you are percieved to be down and out, folks flock to you with their hands extended and a cheshire cat grin on their face offering their unsolicited assistance.

It's amazing when life starts turning around in your favor folks start to get a little different. The girls get catty and the boys get intimidated. Just amazing.

One thing that I have always prided myself in is being able to rise above the fray. I don't fuss with the boys and I don't do the catty thing with the girls. In fact, I have always made it my business to avoid situations like that. I hate catering to stereotypes like the one that says women can get along. I absolutely abhor that!! Ugh! My girlfriends and I get along. I think that is largely due to the fact that we have 10 other side projects going on that keep us busy and productive. We go for sometimes weeks without hearing each other voices but when we do, it's like we have never missed a beat.

So color me surprised when word got back to me that a particular person had a whole lot to say since God has decided to use me to do some pretty great things. Now mind you Alex (I figure that's a nice name that could be either masculine or feminine) was my "friend to the end" when lupus was doing marathon laps around me. Everything was all good when I had more month than money. Our relationship was groovy when lupus drugs had me camatose.

ell, well, well, how quickly things change. To be honest, I was not going to blog about this but I figure I blog about the hellish depths of lupus so why not this? I hate the word "hater" and I think that it has been taken to an extreme. I never wanted any "haters" because I think that "hating" is not condusive to maximizing one's own potential. I decided to dedicate a post to my scenario because we all experience the same situations in one form or another and it is important to know how to manuever and decipher them when they arise.

That main thing that got a bee in my bonnet is that Alex had nothing to say about my character. Alex was unable to fix his/her mouth to say that I was unkind, unresourceful, slothful, lazy or anything of the like. Alex has a problem with where God is lifting me from and taking me to. How nutty is that? Alex loves to proclaim that s/he is a believer and wears crosses and speaks about "believing" pretty often. That just goes to show that a donkey with a load of holy books is still a donkey. Judge people by their actions and not by all that mumbo jumbo that escapes their lips.

Always know that when something is from God, those who have proclaimed to love you will for life could possibly be the first ones to "put their mouths on you" as my pastor calls it. Unfortunately, some folks can deal with you better when they perceive you as needing help or needing a hand. Those folks aren't your friends. I wouldn't even call them your foes. They are instead your step stools thrusting you to where you need to be.

Awards attrack attack. It took me over 30 years to experience this personally but honey, everyone isn't for you. No matter how deligently you tend to your garden of doing well, weeds will still sprout. Never cease in doing well and letting your light shine. We have too many people tucking away their talents because of what others think. Don't extinguish your light for anyone. No one can offer the world what you have to offer. As for me, my Sherri Blaise Bus is going to roll on. I have never been a drama queen and therefore refuse to be that gal. I always strive to maintain an aura of tranquility surrounding me and a few misguided weeds will not stop that. I implore you to do the same.

Oh yeah, I'm also Twittering now. I'm on there a bit more often than I blog. I know that's not saying much. Follow me: @SherriBlaise Be well and stay encouraged!


TheRealCherish said...

You just keep that bus moving and if it runs over a hater like "Alex" then just keep going and call 911 so they can handle the mess!!!